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Special thanks to these people who helped make the Inaugural WISTCA Freshmen State Championships a success!!

WISTCA Freshman Championships organizational committee

  • Vince Lease-Fennimore
  •  Mike Mulrooney-Arrowhead
  •  Chris Herriot-Arrowhead
  •  Jill Bradley-Arrowhead
  •  Geoff Steinbach-Arrowhead

Mukwonago High School Athletic Department and Track & Field Staff

Site organization Vince Komar & Andy Trudell (AD)

Steve Pratt & Charlie Smith: Throws

Tim Stark & EJ Furlong: Hortizontal Jumps

Josh Herrell & Mike Gnewuch: Sprints

Andy Grossman: Hurdles


  • Dennis Meyer
  • Tom Emmerich
  • Jon Hegge
  • Jim Steinberg
  •  Mark Pagach
  •  Dave Wiedemann

Kevin Luedke for Timing system and awards. rep

Mark Maas-Whitewater

Mark Hoffman & Pete Dufek-South Milwaukee 

Owen Jarrette-Muskego 

Bruce Lammers-Deerfield

Al Sapa-Waukesha

Scott Raduka-Oconomowoc

Lauren Waller-Middleton

Bill Richardson-Madison Memorial

Mike Chapes-DeSoto

Stephanie Steinbach-Arrowhead


Thank you Kenny Harrison (Brookfield Central) for making this track & field experience special for the class of 2022 participants and their families!