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Criteria for WISTCA Hall of Fame Induction:



  1. In this category we honor those people who have been outstanding achievers at the high school level. They must have been a head coach or an assistant of high esteem. They must also have coached for at least 10 years in a public and/or private school.

  2. Priority will be given to coaches who have been out of coaching for 5 years or who have coached until retirement age.

  3. All nomination information should be sent to: Joe Hackbarth - WISTCA Awards Chair,  ​​

  4. All head coaches in Wisconsin reaching 20 years of service are automatically eligible for nomination. A nomination should be submitted for committee action.



  1. Selection is based on achievement during the athlete’s track career through high school participation in public or private school competition.

  2. Priority will be given to athletes who have been out of high school for 5 years.


Nomination Procedure for WISTCA Hall of Fame:

  1. Any member of the Wisconsin State Track Coaches Association (WISTCA) may nominate an athlete for consideration, and once nominated, his/her name remains on the list. The name will automatically come up for consideration in succeeding years without being re-submitted.

  2. The member who nominates will be expected to aid in collecting background information including records, contributions, etc. to the committee.

  3. All nomination information should be sent to: Joe Hackbarth - WISTCA Awards Chair, La Crosse Logan High School. 

  4. All entries received by June 3oth of any one year will receive priority for induction at that year’s clinic.

Hall of Fame Removal - Bylaws

Article X: Removal from  WISTCA Hall of Fame (New Article)

The Wisconsin Track Coaches’ Association reserves the right to remove a member from the WISTCA Hall of Fame for cause based on a 75% vote of the Executive Committee.  Removal is a serious action and should only be considered as a last resort in cases of conviction for a felony crime or other egregious conduct reflecting poorly on the WISTCA.  The Executive Committee shall notify an inductee prior to POTENTIAL removal from the Hall of Fame.  The inductee may request a hearing or submit a letter to the committee explaining his/her case.  

Joe Hackbarth - LaCrosse Logan Track & Field

Joe Hackbarth - LaCrosse Logan Track & Field


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