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2nd Annual WISTCA Freshmen Championship Meet

The 2nd Annual WISTCA Freshmen Championships

Wednesday June 30, 2021

@ Arrowhead High School


WISTCA Freshmen Championships

Click HERE to download the 2021 meet flyer. 

2019 Inaugural Freshman Championship Meet

2019 Inaugural Freshmen Championship Meet

Wisconsin Track Coaches Association (WISTCA)

Freshman Open State Meet
Wednesday, June 30
Arrowhead High School

The purpose of this open freshman meet is to provide an opportunity for any interested Wisconsin freshmen boys and girls to compete at a state wide level of competition with their grade level peers and to promote track & field to the class of 2024.

Pertinent Information for freshman athletes, parents and coaches.

  1. This meet is sponsored by the Wisconsin Track Coaches Association and this meet is NOT on any high school schedules because this meet happens after the end of the designated WIAA high school track season, which ends at the WIAA State Meet. This meet does NOT count as a meet for your respective high school.
  2.  This meet is open to any interested Wisconsin high school freshmen athletes.  Participants must be a freshmen during the 2020-2021 school year.  No other grade levels of students are allowed to participate.  This meet is open only to Wisconsin students.
  3. Registration should be completed by coaches or parents/athletes through Coaches can assist athletes in registration but parents/athletes should pay when they register online. 


  1. Entry limits & costs:  There is a four event maximum entry limit per athlete.  If an athlete is in a relay, the relay counts toward the four event maximum limit.  There is a $5.00 registration fee and a $5.00 per event fee.  Example:  One event cost $5.00 registration fee plus $5.00 for the event = $10.00.  Two events is $5.00 registration fee plus $10.00 for two events = $15.00.  Three events is $5.00 registration fee plus $5.00 for three events = $20.00. Four events is $5.00 registration fee plus $5.00 per event = $25.00
  2. Each registered athlete will receive a commemorative T-Shirt.  Please complete the T-Shirt order form, which is a part of the online registration at
  3. Athletes are allowed to use equipment and uniforms from their respective schools.
  4. If your high school ends the 2020-2021 school year before June 30th, coaches may coach their athletes, but this day must count toward their maximum of the five summer coach/athlete contact days allowed by WIAA rules & regulations.  If your high school has ended their school year before June 30th, then athletes can wear their school uniform.
  5. All freshmen will compete in one division.
  6. There is no team score.
  7. Medals will be awarded through 8 places.


Contact person for this meet:

Geoff Steinbach 262-719-5080