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  • Power Rankings were established as a method to measure the depth and ability of a true track team.
  • Each performance is assigned a point value, somewhat similar to a decathlon scoring table.
  • Deerfield coach Matt Polzin took over the girls rankings in 2007 and Columbus coach Marlin Hensler took over the boys rankings in 2017.
  • Your team competes against the teams in your WIAA division just as you do in the Tournament Series.
  • The top two teams in each of the three WIAA divisions for both the boys and the girls are awarded a plaque by WISTCA at the following February’s Coaches Clinic.



  •  All schools are eligible to be a part of the Power Ranking competition, and encouraged to submit an entry.
  • During the season, it helps to record all of your athletes’ efforts.
  • It is advisable to try athletes in various events during the season and run relays of varying combinations of runners to give your team flexibility when preparing your Power Rankings team
  • Performances may come from any meet you have competed in during the season.
  • After the season, log onto the WISTCA site at, go to the Honors tab in the navigation bar at the top, and click on Power Rankings. Click on templates to download the Excel entry form and begin putting in your team's efforts for the season.



  •  Your team's final Power Ranking is an average of your top 30 performances over the course of the season.  So you must submit at least 30 performances.
  • You may submit more than 30; however, only the top 30 will be factored in.  If an athlete is entered in too many events, it is in your benefit to have a backup score (more than 30 entries) rather than take a zero.
  • Regular WIAA rules apply — an athlete cannot be entered in more than four events
  • If you use a hand timed performance, round up to the nearest tenth then add .24. Leave FAT performances as is.


 We are trying to get more teams involved

in the Power Rankings!

 The more teams that get involved, the stronger the Power Rankings awards become – and in turn, hopefully continues to strengthen high school track and field in Wisconsin!

Matt Polzin - Deerfield Track & Field

Matt Polzin - Deerfield Track & Field

Girls Power Rankings Coordinator

Marlin Hensler - Columbus High School

Marlin Hensler - Columbus High School

Boys Power Rankings Coordinator